Apr 26, 2013


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You are the object of affection. You are desired. You are both the victim and the part to play in the story.

Dec 14, 2012

Patient Zero

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You have infected yourself with a virus that is killing you. Your goal is to infect everyone you possibly can before your life runs out.

Sep 7, 2012

Unwinona wrote I debated whether or not to share this story.

I believe I am have been fairly considerate to women. However, I was not aware of how reprehensible men could act until I joined the Military.

Seated with other soldiers, in a mandatory Equal Opportunity exercise, I remember we were asked to consider ourselves to be the opposite sex and even a different race. It was then that I remember stating, when asked, how horrible it was to be a a women in the US ARMY. When the weekend arrived a woman could not walk a few feet without the cat calls, the constant interruptions, and sometimes the explicit propositions from their fellow soldiers.

This ugliness was not espoused by all soldiers; perhaps not even the majority. However, the behaviors of the guilty few was vile enough to paint such an edible image in my mind.

Aug 8, 2012
Jul 31, 2012

Poolside. Hannah and I arrived at the hotel late in the afternoon yesterday. The airplane touched down from Taipei and we made our way, with the throngs of others, through the concourse to Customs. On our left, trapped behind glass were all the people heading home. We looked at them. They looked at us.

We purchased a visa with the remaining 50 USD we had. Then we made our way over to Customs, but were quickly turned around as we did not have the proper immigration form. Retracing our steps we headed back to a counter where we filled in the numerous boxes of information.

Once through we moved to an x-ray machine that scanned our bages. Unaware, two men in uniform grabbed our bags to assist us through the lines. Once through they demanded a tip. We had not needed the help so we had been swindled by these men. I tipped them anyways with one bill they would later have to split with a friend.

The gauntlet of money changers, women with small fans, waved and coo'd at us asking us if we needed...

Jul 30, 2012

Hannah and I sit at the airport. They are serving hot coffee and tea. The concourse is cold. I regret not bringing a blanket.

A week and half ago Bali was a thought. It was definitely a place that Hannah and I were sure to visit, but we had no definite stakes in the ground. That was until I couldn't sleep; stricket with the late night grumps and aches that accompany sickness. At some point in the early morning I grew worried that if I did not purchase tickets soon, Hannah and I would not get our chance to go. Rightly so, it seemed, I was presented with a few options because of our diminishing window of dates. Luck drove me to piece together a trip through Eva Air. Roughly three weeks, with us returning in the middle of August.

After purchasing the plane tickets, everything else fell easily into place. The hotel was a quick online purchase. The arrangement of transport from Tacoma, my sister's home, to the airport were minor affairs that we arranged for within hours of our departure...

Jun 16, 2012



Jun 13, 2012
Jun 1, 2012
May 30, 2012

I recently had the opportunity to instruct several new developers in the nuances of the Ruby language.

There is a strong emphasis now for developers to test drive their development. Several of the exercises utilized tests as a safety net. Other exercises did have them write code to make tests pass.

Despite what I would call a solid upbringing the students do not immediately reach for their test framework when they start working on new exercises. It just does not feel comfortable trying to write tests when you barely have an understanding of the complexity of the problem and the scope of the language.

To those of us polyglots, now working in our third or fourth language we find it a far easier venture. I think we should think twice before we require, enforce, or guilt new developers writing software to bring with them tests in tow.

Test Driven Development requires a much greater level of mastery and understanding than we often give credit.

May 30, 2012

When I first started watching the Apple Developer videos, that are available through the iOS Dev Center, I was always amused by the participants at the talks clapping throughout various demonstrations. The presented feature would likely be saving the developers a new heap of time or give them a new tool for their belt. It's become a bit of a joke over the last few weeks. A fellow developer will be dragging-and-dropping some code object into a storyboard or xib file and I will start clapping. Always amusing when it's dropping a textfield.

May 30, 2012

iOS developers, as most other developers, give software away. A few months ago when I started down the path of iOS development I was saddened by the lack of community software in comparison to my experiences with Ruby. Namely I was saddened by the fact that there was no easy way to discover software libraries and tools. I was wrong. They have a community and there are definitely resources to assist with finding iOS software and components. However, it is still hard to integrate software into an existing application. By hard, I mean it's a fairly manual process of downloading/cloning a repository and then manually importing files into the Xcode project file. Oh, the Xcode project file we will have to talk more.