Aug 24, 2015

“Always be the worst guy in every band you’re in. - so you can learn. The people around you affect your performance. Choose your crowd wisely.” ~ Chad Fowler

I have achieved my dream of becoming the worst person in a band. In this case it is a literal band and not a software band or some other band. We meet nearly every week and we make music.

At this moment the group is still young so we meet with little agenda other than maybe a musical genre but even that is not a rule.

When I first start hanging out with them I wondered how I would be able to participate. I have very little musical training and the music that I have created and the tools that I have worked with are on my computer. While I would not classify my music is electronic it is often ambient soundscapes.

But I found a purpose by grabbing the microphone and making up words. Words and singing actually seem like an important instrument particularly with jam sessions. At least it makes the feel less stationary and more...

Aug 23, 2015

I have begun to experiment with writing and singing more now that I have been engaged with some jam sessions with friends.

I still mostly play the computer but I found that I have the unique ability to generate words with some sense of a melody that is in time with the music that my friends are creating.

It's hard.

What I have to make the work easier is:

  • Create a melody.

Often I start there. Humming something or singing a little. I record that. The difficulty that I am facing at this moment is the timing. Finding the beats-per-minute to the song, filling each measure and ensuring it fits in with some conventional time.

  • Pick a subject.

Saturday nights Svengoolie comes on and I watched that. Following was Lost in Space; a television show I remember my father talking about fondly.

While watching I paid attention to the plot. I copied down a few sentences of the dialog.

  • Writing the Lyrics.

From the dialog and other transcribed thoughts I picked a rhyming scheme and proceeded to...

Apr 12, 2015

It's not a new concept but one that seems to resonate with me these days. Perhaps that is because working remotely it is a core belief that I have to work harder to maintain.

When I am away from my team members and the stake holders in the success of the project my head fills with doubt as far as the direction and my perceived levels of motivation.

I thought, before accepting the position with Chef, that I had matured enough to successfully work remotely. I am learning that there are many more things to learn.

Apr 6, 2015

I have been thinking about blogging lately. Thinking about it as a tool that helps an individual to grow within a given field. It is definitely suggested to those that enter into a software development career.

Since the death of Google Reader I have been far less connected with the world. It was also because I found what felt like enough nutrients from alternative streams. Suppliers of curated information or suggested to me by trusted sources. Even with alternatives to the tool, I have let the habit, of reading the words written by others within my field, for lack of a better word – die.

The continual problem that I have long had with maintaining a development blog is my own self-imposed own level of quality. A level of quality that I obviously do have the ability to maintain. It's a common theme. Worrying about the editor style without allowing for the editorial content to experiment.

The tone and style of tech blogs have always been truly hard for me to replicate for any distance...

Nov 21, 2014
Dec 31, 2013

A year ago I started creating music. It was a hobby that I had always wanted to cultivate. But it was something that took hold this time.

During the past year I have created 85 sounds that I shared through SoundCloud.

Oct 18, 2013

It's a Girl

Today we made a visit to the doctor's office to have a look to ensure baby looked healthy and happy. In the dark room, we stared up at the black-and-white screen straining to see our future family member. We saw a beautiful baby girl with great proportional dimensions.

Oct 17, 2013

Come celebrate my 36th birthday on 10/19/13.

The tentative plan is to attend a roller derby game in early evening then make our way back to downtown for drinks. Then finish the night with a zombie burlesque show.

Aug 25, 2013

madison ruby 2013 street party

My third year attending Madison Ruby. The conference last year was amazing because of the great presentations, people and festivities. Each year I visit Madison I come to love more about the town and the people.

Aug 18, 2013

GenCon 2013

Brian and Laura decided that 2013 was the year that we all return to GenCon. I was at first on board, but made little effort to purchase tickets and get things going. Thankfully they continued with the push and we ended up having a great time.

Jul 30, 2013
Jun 3, 2013

trail safe ios

Similar to hectic weekends were I dedicate 48 hours to create an entire game. I dedicated this past weekend to do some civic hacking. I joined a team Friday night. We coded Saturday until the wee hours of Sunday. Presented our application and won first prize in the “Health and Wellness” category.

“Trail Safe”, our app, allows hikers and trailblazers to be more safe by notifying an emergency contact and park rangers when you fail to return from your adventures in the time you specify (all the while pushing location information to the server to make rescue easier if tragedy were to strike).