This is Current State of My Musical Talent

The recent jam felt great. We caught up. We felt like friends.

The weather has changed here in Wisconsin. It is far colder out. Especially that evening. Autumn comes on you quick here. These days are warm in the sun if you can find a window to stretch out under.

We actually started talking about that first. We were talking about how good it was to get back into that room so we could generate some heat. Making music generate heat.

The the studio switched over to jam mode and and we needed to slowly work our way back up to volume in a number I like to call Sexy Sandwich.

We then flew right into Fast Enough and Let Down Your Hair which were super fun and funky. I tried to figure out how the hell you backup someone else. I learned a few ways not to do it.

And then felt an endless spout from my mouth. It had been a few weeks of bottled shit that needed to be shared. But not in particular words and thoughts but the feeling of need to getting it out. I think this has become a valve.

At one point they were outside and I grabbed the bass and the microphone. And I sang …

I let the guitar buzz in the background. I did not want the courage I felt at the moment to escape; putting it off even a little. I tried to strum to some beat that I had a hard time keeping steady. But I was proud that I tried to play something. And actually it found it easier to almost come up with the words at moments.

I tried to sing as much as I could with much more feeling. I reminded myself there were no rules.