I am leaving Chicago. While the trip was measured in its amount of excitement it was a gorgeous time to visit the city. Fall as always remains one of my favorite seasons to visit cities. I wish I could live in a world of permanent Fall. Where the days start crisp, roar to a warmth, and finish again with cool evenings that invite you to walk about and stare at the night.

I arrived late on Monday. Taught Tuesday through Friday. Grabbed a flight after the class on Friday. A benefit of living only an hour flight away. When I made it through security I was pleased to think about all the times I walked through the concourse. Getting a chance to see what it was outside this behemoth hub.

I ate far too much hamburger here in the city. I am sure I will pay for that in my declining years. Early on in the week I snacked on bad candy and cookies. During the day I guzzled water after water as I danced my way through the material I shared with all those there listening.

This class more than any other class thanked me personally for my work. It was nice to hear. It showed that my efforts to spend the time building the 'container' of the group helped and produced more positive feelings about the work that all of us did.