PB and Jam

This jam more than other jams felt like we were really focused and working on the music. There was a real sense of focus that night. Unfortunately, a number of technical difficulties conspired against us capturing all the work that we created but what did find its way to be captured was memorable.

“Are You Talking About Me” really captured some of my feelings of when I am completely obsessed with someone. Whenever I sing something like this I wish I had a better understanding of finding the musical structure. I feel like often can find what feels like a chorus and perhaps a melody but not the story and the melodic adventure with the chorus as the reward. The singing strangely reminded me of GlaDOS singing “Still Alive”. Something about the song structure.

There were a few moments when I was singing “Head In Space” with those around me that we truly felt like we were really performing. I found more confidence in some of my ad-libbed words and in my voice. Of course this is me embodying David Byrne.

“Hot As Hell” started because we all started to talk about how hot it was in the studio. I moved down to the floor and started to sing from a seated position. I found as I learned forward I was able to use more of my diaphragm without having to sing quite as loud. And before I knew it I was singing like Jim Morrison. That was until the tempo changed and I struggled to keep the words flowing with the speed of the music. I mumbled along but I felt like I captured something close to the right energy for that section.

“Strobe Lights and Beer” was an attempt to freestyle and let down the guard to the words in my head. With the help of Aurora it grew into something.

“Take Me Home” started as one thing as we were all talking about leaving but kept jamming. Eventually the music itself changed and I couldn't help but think about the recent jokes about how Jeb Bush said Guacamole.

“Twofer” started out in a genre I have never sang I felt all out of place. I started singing some silly lyrics about being about to beat up every kind of animal and anyone I saw on the street. I don't know and did not do the musical genre its justice. The second half of the song is really a second song but I was lazy in the cutting of it up. Anton's mention of the need for the 80s synth led and serious drumming lead me through various different approaches. What we eventually ended up felt like something out of the world of Bowie.