To Build Great Training Tools

I want to build training tools that allow for easy collaboration and integration with a continuous delivery system while meeting the needs of the learners, partners, and trainers.

If you are a trainer and currently frustrated with the current tools available (e.g. Keynote, Powerpoint, Adobe Acrobat) and would like to take part in changing that please reach out to me through twitter or email franklin dot webber at gmail.

Lets talk and share our frustrations. Lets collect and express our needs. Lets exhaustively search for better workflows and better solutions. And lets build solutions when one cannot be found.

Teaching has been a rewarding pursuit. I began a full-time career in delivering training. I started first for the University of Washington Extension School teaching their Ruby certificate program. I eventually accepted a full-time position to work with Jeff Casimir and Jumpstart Lab to help spin up the earliest iterations of the Turing school.

For both of those ventures my needs were simple and the tools. I initially started in Powerpoint but found it lacking when working with presentations rich in source code. That lead me to use ShowOff. I eventually forked the code base to address unfinished or flaky features and allow for more styles and themes. And that seemed to suffice for my training needs.

When I accepted the position to become a trainer at Chef I learned a whole other side to training. Massive training decks with handouts and additional materials. Partners that needed to be trained to be able to train the materials.