Micro Transmissions

Near the start of the year a few friends all challenged themselves to sit down and work on a track per week. At this stage in my music development I felt proficient and prolific enough to be able to accomplish such a task.

I failed. I allowed a number of factors to intervene. But I didn't let that effect me. I didn't think that I was a failure or that the music that I once had in my body had finally escaped this husk. I continued on after a long break with a new set of rules.

I would create a number of small transmissions. Small fragments of a song that were not quite starts or ends but somewhere in the middle. Interesting pieces that I threw together that I felt worthy enough to save and share with a few people.

Continuing to work has been good for me. If I reflect honestly on the last year of the music that I have created it does not seem all that much “better” or “worse”. It doesn't yet feel like the the music that I want to make but as always sitting down and trying to find that is a journey and I am happy to be on it.

Some days I think that the cold winter of Wisconsin will deliver unto me the time, space, and limitations to find more patience and the passionate streak that I found with the work I did with the Space album.

I guess what I am searching for is a theme. I am hoping that my work will yield a body of work that truly feels interesting and coherent when played together.

I continue to think about space. I continue to think about environments presented in the worlds of Metroid and Endless Dungeon. In there I feel like I may find some interesting kernel that will I be able to work around and eventually create something weird, sprawling, and interesting.