Lost in Space

I have begun to experiment with writing and singing more now that I have been engaged with some jam sessions with friends.

I still mostly play the computer but I found that I have the unique ability to generate words with some sense of a melody that is in time with the music that my friends are creating.

It's hard.

What I have to make the work easier is:

  • Create a melody.

Often I start there. Humming something or singing a little. I record that. The difficulty that I am facing at this moment is the timing. Finding the beats-per-minute to the song, filling each measure and ensuring it fits in with some conventional time.

  • Pick a subject.

Saturday nights Svengoolie comes on and I watched that. Following was Lost in Space; a television show I remember my father talking about fondly.

While watching I paid attention to the plot. I copied down a few sentences of the dialog.

  • Writing the Lyrics.

From the dialog and other transcribed thoughts I picked a rhyming scheme and proceeded to lay out the story of the episode in more in-direct terms. I stumbled into a stanza that felt like a chorus and then sat down to record.

  • Recording

I mumbled into a little microphone in the living room of the house. Other people were happily sleeping and I didn't feel like carrying my setup outside or into another room. So I did not get to practice the singing performance of the song.

Ultimately the result was decent even if I was a bit mumbling. The process in itself led to new discoveries and challenges of when I sit down to work.