Not Enough Failures

I have been thinking about blogging lately. Thinking about it as a tool that helps an individual to grow within a given field. It is definitely suggested to those that enter into a software development career.

Since the death of Google Reader I have been far less connected with the world. It was also because I found what felt like enough nutrients from alternative streams. Suppliers of curated information or suggested to me by trusted sources. Even with alternatives to the tool, I have let the habit, of reading the words written by others within my field, for lack of a better word – die.

The continual problem that I have long had with maintaining a development blog is my own self-imposed own level of quality. A level of quality that I obviously do have the ability to maintain. It's a common theme. Worrying about the editor style without allowing for the editorial content to experiment.

The tone and style of tech blogs have always been truly hard for me to replicate for any distance without some form of social pressure or making it my sole responsibility. I am a different person and it is often hard to remember that even when presenting technical ideas that you can remain steadfast to yourself and your own voice.

The world of tech blogs focus so often on the successes. The working examples, the tips, and the tricks. It feels rare to find a half-finished, broken piece of code there with some words describing the intent and the failure. Perhaps a tighter gripe is to say that technical blogs seem to be endeavours on providing a resource for those that have lost their way.

So, as a lighthouse, it is hard to write your unfinished thoughts and ideas because of some worry that you might be dashing your fellow nautical neighbor into the rocks – when you obviously are not.

I want to embrace more examination, practice, and failure. I want the words that I write to be first and foremost for me but at a bare minimum have the idea that someone outside is reading along. A letter I would share with a friend.