A Year of Music

A year ago I started creating music. It was a hobby that I had always wanted to cultivate. But it was something that took hold this time.

During the past year I have created 85 sounds that I shared through SoundCloud.

Everything posted here are music experiments. Soundscapes and sample-rich productions created through Ableton. This is all a learning process and most of the works posted are crafted in hours and not days. Iterations without refinement; sound drafts that I may return to later in life when I understand my own self and my work better.

I have stayed true to that mantra throughout this entire year. It was an important for me to do so to ensure that I did tire myself on creating and crafting musical pieces that were beyond my skill level. I sought instead to first foster the desire and create the habit.

I really have the application Ableton Live to thank for its ease of use. Music creation can be a daunting proposition when starting from a core set of just instruments. I remember my first experience with the application was utter joy as I played with one of their already arranged tracks. I was able to simply turn on and off pieces of music as I saw fit. To place them together in new ways.

Giving someone the building blocks to arrange pieces was such a powerful feeling. I was able to quickly create music through modification and the slow replacement of each piece as I saw it necessary versus having to start from an absolute beginning.

All the music I created was free to use with attribution and I was excited to see several games take me up on my offer:

As I approach my second year of this new hobby I feel a strong desire to continue in the same vein. To work as long I feel it necessary and then to share that work with everyone.