Madison Ruby 2013

madison ruby 2013 street party

My third year attending Madison Ruby. The conference last year was amazing because of the great presentations, people and festivities. Each year I visit Madison I come to love more about the town and the people.


I arrived a day ahead of schedule because my original plans had me teaching a workshop. I left midday and drove 40 minutes until I realized that I had forgotten most of my wardrobe I had planned for the weekend.

Arrived late in the afternoon to enjoy coffee with some of the Bendyworks crew. I assisted with the RailsBridge Installfest and joined Desi and the others for a drink.

The next day, now free I helped out a small group of students learn Rails. The rain cleared up by the time we were done and making our way to the local bar.

More and more familiar friends trickled in throughout the evening. I returned back to the hotel to change into my tuxedo for the Hypeharvest event.

I spent the evening listening to the good speakers tell their stories. The sun set and we rocked out awhile.

I walked a friend back to the hotel and then returned to some friends at a bar and enjoyed some fries and good conversation.


I put on my gnome costume and joined others for breakfast. I spared all of them the “gnome” voice until we got to the conference.

There I met a few people and pranced around on stage when necessary.

Had a great dinner with coworkers before returning to the party at Bendyworks.

Rocked out to some Reverend Horton Heat in the pit spending the remaining part of the evening drying off.


All Friday people asked what costume was in store for Saturday.

Saturday I dressed in my morning suit and made my way through the incredible Madison Farmers' Market with Blithe Rocher. Bought some jam and popcorn for Hannah May Webber and a poster to satisfy my desire to frame things.

We started Saturday with the Iron Coder competition. I helped Steve Klabnik with a Digital Audio Workstation prototype mostly with the idea and keeping us focused with a short feature list.

I popped out for a few talks leaving Steve to do most of the work.

Then it was time to shave Jim's beard (the conference organizer). That was harder than I expected because of lack of tools and my inexperience with his facial hair.

We won the Iron Coder competition and with that the conference came to a close.

I returned to the hotel to change into my last costume. T-shirt and Jeans.

We enjoyed cheese, chocolate and cocktails at the tasting event.

Leaving that a big group of us made our way out to the Memorial Terrace and enjoyed a beer with our backs to the lake.


I packed before my roommate knew what was happening.

I brunched. Met a lovely transgendered woman on a bicycle that shared the pain of not being accepted into the grace of God. Drove to the airport. Said heartfelt goodbyes.

Visited Fromagination and purchased a number of items I would bring back to the family.

I brunched again. Joining a brunch already in session I simply sipped coffee and made small talk. The hugs and photos kept us there for quite some time. Drove to the airport. Said more goodbyes.

Drove back to Westby. Tired. Collapsed for a nap until everyone else arrived.