GenCon 2013

Brian and Laura decided that 2013 was the year that we all return to GenCon. I was at first on board, but made little effort to purchase tickets and get things going. Thankfully they continued with the push and we ended up having a great time.

Day 1

The day got off to a lukewarm start with a game dubbed a future/space game turning out to be a deep dive into the internal workings of the Star Trek universe. I played Captain Boris Ammon.

The midday Deadlands Noir game reminded me again that I enjoy the simplicity of the Savage Worlds system and adore taking female roles as I played femme fatale Katherine, Kitty, L'Herrese in a search to find a daughter and wife gone missing in 1930s New Orleans.

The final game of the day had my character, a man who learns he is a machine created by his own wife, choose love and the bliss of his bonds over the chance for more enlightenment. He ultimately sacrifices himself to save her and the fate of all machine in the world.

Day 2

Started with a Savage World's variant named Hellfrost. I played a small person in a light tactic game where one liners were the extent of the role-playing.

Midday was a Firefly fanboi game where we reprised the roles of the TV Show characters in a small adventure where we cobbled together a raft for a boat race. Didn't really enjoy playing the game of can I make choices the same as the characters have been written but the game delivered laughs.

Ended with a game of Better Angels. An interesting take on the superhero genre placing you as the villain of the story. Your internal struggle to remain human and to satisfy the needs of the demon possessing you created a mix of masterful comedy.

Day 3

I sat down to new RPG called “Clockwork Empire” that went for a low powered less often fireworks type game. The game's storyteller narrated the entire game to us. It would have made a fairly decent horror movie.

Then it was four hours of True Dungeon, a role playing haunted house with puzzles and monsters to vanquish. We were paired with various other teams and faired well on a large set of the puzzle challenges put before us.

Was going to end the game with a Cthulhu adventure but gave up my seat to another gentleman so I could run around the convention some more in my gnome costume.

Remembered the big “ball” and made my way over there to do some dancing. It is like attending the final dance at camp; meeting all you're old storytellers and fellow players to say goodbye.

Day 4

A midday game had us bring closure to a tale of woe of a woman, turned witch. A hag, a super-natural being of sorts, was taking advantage of the storms brewed by the woeful woman. The name of the system escapes me but for the most part it was simple. A nice, soft end to a grand weekend.

With that the events and festivities are over. By the end of the last day I am already overcome with the nostalgia for the events that transpired. It is a hard goodbye.

It was fun to run into Sigfried Trent, Anne Trent, and Dan O'Hanlon.

It was not the same without Lydia Laurenson, Mike Todd, Cate Hirschbiel, and the rest of their crew.

It was good gaming with Brian Dean Jennings, Laura Shaffer, Tina Burgdorf, Jamie Rae and Kayla Kelly.